Which is Better? Acura vs. INFINITI

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Hunting for the right luxury vehicle can be a daunting task. After all, there are many different manufacturers on the market, each boasting the latest and greatest. This might make the possibility of finding the perfect luxury match difficult, but, in reality, the competition between luxury manufacturers is a good thing.

You wouldn’t compare a purebred stallion to a grade horse. The same is true of luxury vehicles. Start the journey of discovering the right fit for you by comparing Acura vs. INFINITI, two brands that closely compete with one another.

Comparing Vehicle Models

Acura and INFINITI brands offer similar luxury vehicles. The best way to know which is the better brand and the better vehicle is to break down the particulars of each by category: performance, maintenance costs, price, luxury features, and horsepower. 


Shopping for a luxury vehicle means shopping for powerful performance. With Acura, you can expect standard four-cylinder engines. INFINITI ramps up the power of their vehicles with V6 engines that are standard in most vehicles, increasing powerful performance on the higher trim levels. 

Maintenance Costs

It’s highly important to understand the maintenance costs of a luxury vehicle. At first glance, most of the maintenance costs and fees between Acura and INFINITI seem very similar. Still, there are some slight but important differences: They are crafted expertly and, therefore, will require the same level of expert care when it comes to maintenance work.

  • Basic warranty coverage for Acura is 50,000 miles or 48 months; INFINITI coverage is 60,000 or 48 months (whichever comes first).
  • Acura CPO warranty expires on Acura vehicles with over 100,000 miles; INFINITI certified, pre-owned vehicles come with a  24-month warranty and no mileage limit.

These key differences can make all the difference when first purchasing a new luxury vehicle and when the time comes to retire the said vehicle. INFINITI has its clients and customers covered on both bases more fully and completely than Acura.  


As stated previously, luxury brands compete with one another in all categories, including vehicle prices. The price range between INFINITI and Acura vehicles is similar, but there will be more differences to note as you compare trim levels.

INFINITI offers more trim levels with subsequently more varying prices than Acura, but on average, Acura’s prices tend to be slightly higher—not by more than a few thousand at most. But when considering spending your time, effort, and energy on making money, saving extra here or there, and enjoying better coverage and more powerful performance while spending less is a no-brainer. 

Luxury Features

Luxury vehicles should offer not just a sleek exterior appearance to potential buyers, but one to be experienced on the interior. INFINITI’s interior cabins offer comfort and style with spacious leg room, excellent sound systems, seamless integration with your smartphone, and many safety features, including automatic Blind Spot Intervention, predictive forward collision warning, and surround-view cameras. 

In contrast, Acura doesn’t have the same lineup of safety features, nor can they boast about the extra space for third-row seating that comes with the larger INFINITI models.


Keeping true to form, the horsepower comparison between INFINITI and Acura is slight, but that slight difference can make all the difference. Models will vary in their respective horsepower, but you can expect that INFINITI will pull ahead in the end, providing sporty handling and powerful engine options that you won’t enjoy with Acura. 

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