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Use the slider to choose your desired down payment. Any amount of cash down will reduce your total loan amount which reduces your monthly payment.
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Select the module that best reflects your credit score. The more accurate you are the more accurate the payments will be.
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Type in the zip code where you will be registering the vehicle. It is important to be accurate as incentives and taxes will be market specific.
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Select any incentives and loyalty offers that you qualify for and apply them to your deal.
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Get an instant estimate on your trade-in with just a couple pieces of info about your current vehicle. Apply that value to get a lower monthly payment.
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Prepare Your Coverage Options

Indicate how long you plan to own the vehicle and approximately how many miles per year you typically drive.
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Easily view and add protection plans, and insurance products to add to your peace of mind and ensure longevity of your vehicle.
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Select any INFINITI accessories you would like to add to your vehicle.
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Enter your information securely and easily online to get real time offers from lenders.
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Securely upload required documents such as your driver’s license and insurance card ahead of time.
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Choose to pick up the car yourself or have it delivered to your home. Either way, your new car will be delivered fully cleaned and with a full tank of gas.
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