INFINITI Premium Care In Atlanta, Georgia: Your Questions Answered

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Driving an INFINITI comes with many perks. You get a luxurious ride with a high-end design, as well as unmatched quality safety features. You need a comprehensive service program with robust maintenance offerings to ensure your vehicle remains of the highest quality without concerns that could derail value or performance. 

Here at Roswell INFINITI in Atlanta, Georgia, our ’INFINITI Premium Care’ Integrated Maintenance Program is designed to deliver exceptional coverage maintenance services for your INFINITI. Continue reading to learn more about our offers—and how we can help enhance your ownership experience.


What Is INFINITI Premium Care?

As aforementioned, INFINITI Premium Care is a comprehensive offer for assisting customers in covering routine maintenance expenses. It’s a three-year plan designed to provide financial flexibility for INFINITI drivers.   

This program aims to provide tranquility and a sense of security. Because of the guaranteed coverage your vehicle receives, financial hiccups or unexpected circumstances will no longer place you in a difficult situation. Best of all, these benefits come at no additional cost to the buyer. 

Below you will find a list of some of the benefits included with INFINITI Premium Care: 

  • Oil changes: Maximize your engine’s performance, longevity, and fuel economy with scheduled, high-quality oil changes.
  • Tire rotations: Extend the life of your tires with regular tire rotation services.
  • Rental assistance: Is your vehicle temporarily unavailable? Stay on the road with a like-for-like rental until your vehicle is ready to hit the road.  
  • Brake fluid change: Ensure your brakes remain in optimal condition with regular brake fluid changes. 
  • Air filter replacement: Keep your engine free of unwanted debris that can damage your cylinders with quality air filter replacement services. 
  • Tire road hazard protection: Unexpected incidents such as flat tires occur from time to time. Ensure you’re covered for the full tire repair or replacement cost.

Do note, these benefits have limits. As aforementioned, coverage is good for three years. After that, INFINITI owners are financially responsible for any services and repairs. That said, coverage privileges do extend to both owned and leased vehicles. This means you don’t need to wait for ownership status to reap the rewards and assistance.      


What Are the Client Benefits of INFINITI Premium Care?

Besides comprehensive coverage for scheduled services, INFINITI Premium Care provides additional perks to you. Here is a thorough list of what you gain as part of the program:


1. Maintenance Reminders

It’s difficult to remain on top of the services you need to keep your vehicle in its prime condition. However, with maintenance reminders, you can get the most value out of your vehicle without worrying about reminding yourself about service check-ups.

Once you sign up, you receive scheduled reminders notifying you of upcoming services requiring your attention. Now you can focus your energy on other daily matters.

2. Policy Transfer

Should you decide to transfer your policy to a new owner, you can do so, provided your INFINITI still has coverage under the three-year ownership plan. This makes it easier for both parties to complete the transform ownership process—and guarantee the new owner gets the coverage they need.

3. Potential Increase in Resale Value

The scheduled maintenance services through the Premium Program can increase your vehicle’s resale value should you decide to sell it.  An up-to-date INFINITI on repairs and replacements will likely attract buyers willing to pay a substantial amount. Why is this the case? 

Buyers seek vehicles that don’t need to be caught up on overdue maintenance, as they won’t have to spend a substantial amount upfront. It’s a win-win for both the owner and potential buyer. 


What Vehicles Does INFINITI Premium Care Cover?

Not all vehicles qualify for INFINITI Premium Care. Keep this in mind before inquiring about coverage options. Only 2023 INFINITIs qualify for the benefits and scheduled services. Here is a sample list of 2023 vehicles covered by the program:

  • Q50 Sedan
  • QX50 SUV
  • QX55 SUV
  • QX60 SUV
  • QX80 SUV


Do All Qualifying Vehicles Receive the Same Benefits?

No, they do not. For example, if you own a Q50 or QX60, you receive premium coverage for three oil changes, six tire rotation services, and one air filter replacement service. However, QX80 owners reap the benefits of three in-cabin air-filter replacements, six oil changes, and four vehicle inspections.

By understanding the coverage differences, you’ll be better positioned to make informed financial decisions regarding services, repairs, and unexpected hiccups.  


Roswell INFINITI Has You Covered

As an INFINITI driver, you deserve the best coverage and perks to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. INFINITI Premium Care is a first-class program designed to facilitate your ownership experience. 

As one of the country’s original INFINITI dealerships, we at Roswell INFINITI of North Atlanta, GA, work hard to establish a superb customer experience from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you step out—and every minute you spend in your INFINITI. We see to it that you get the ride of your dreams.

Reach out to our dealership with any questions or for the next steps.

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